My name is Eric Steele. I am a Phoenix based photographer originally from South Florida. Capturing photos has been important to me since I was first handed a Polaroid when I was young. Over time I have developed my skills and approach to photography.

The images on this site showcase some of the best moments I have had the pleasure of capturing, from portraits and lifestyle shots to landscapes in far off lands.

White photography is my focus, I also dabble in videography and sound recording. I find that the various disciplines feed off each other and skills learned in one will reinforce skills in the next.

I am available to photograph portraits, special events, and lifestyles. While I operate out of the Phoenix area, I have done shoots all over the world and I am able to travel further afield at your request. I also offer my photographs and digital rights for sale as prints and for use online or in printed media.

Connect with me socially by following my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and to view more of my work, read behind-the-scenes stories, and to contact me through those channels if you prefer.

Thanks for viewing my work, I hope to hear from you soon!